Bonisson Art Center

Contemporary art center in Rognes, Aix-en-Provence



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Entirely dedicated to artistic exploration and research, the Bonisson Art Center is a space that allows artists to develop and promote their work.

They have the freedom and the opportunity to realise their projects within this unique environment, notably through in situ creations.

A range of movements within the contemporary arts scene are represented: geometric abstraction, abstract impressionism, lyrical abstraction, minimalism, new realism, narrative figuration, conceptual art, street art, land art and more. These works are shown at regular exhibitions produced or co-produced by external partners (public or private institutions, galleries and curators).

Free and open access contemporary art exhibitions

French and international artists show contemporary art in all its many forms, from painting, sculpture, photography and film to installations, drawings, graphic design and architecture. Free admission means a wide public can enjoy this variety of artistic expression and experience an “extrasensory” culture that offers a fresh perspective to those who immerse themselves in it.

Exhibition programme

Georges Rousse Exhibition at the Bonisson Art Center

From January 7th to April 10th 2021

Extended till May 16th 2021

Georges Rousse

Nicolas Chardon & Michel Verjux Exhibition at the Bonisson Art Center

From May 29th to September 26th 2021

Nicolas Chardon & Michel Verjux

Bernard Aubertin Exhibition at the Bonisson Art Center

From October 16th 2021 to February 13th 2022

Bernard Aubertin