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Passion: a common denominator between wine and art for the Le Dorze family

At Château Bonisson each wine has its own identity shaped by different terroirs and the vision of a dedicated family. A deeper understanding of the soils thanks to a precise pedological study of each parcel was an early and important step in more closely matching the soils and subsoils to each grape variety.

In addition to the environmental thrust pursued at this historic estate, now fully organic and sharply focused on quality, authenticity and natural methods, it was also important for the family to create a fresh perspective. This is embodied above all in the Cuvée B, a wine produced in three colours that is the quintessence of the estate’s values, but also conveys an appreciation of art and modern style that have clearly inspired the form of its bottle and unique design of its label.

La Petite Causerie is wine that celebrates the art of sharing. It is a natural tribute to 20th century artists who would come together around a glass of wine to exchange ideas in conversations that stimulated creativity and sparked new projects, each more exciting than the last.

Cuvée B

Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence bio

Cuvée B, for Bonisson, signs a range of fine Provençal wines which symbolise the family’s desire to honour all three colours present in the estate’s vineyards. Made from the finest parcels, these wines represent the best that nature has to offer in each vintage. The alchemy of blending adds that extra je ne sais quoi every year, to give the purity, intensity and ageing potential that only the greatest wines possess.

Available in white, rosé and red.

Cuvée B White


From limestone terroirs in the cooler parts of the estate, B en Blanc is a blend of Vermentino, Sauvignon and Clairette whose proportions vary by vintage. B en Blanc is delicately fruity with a well-structured finish.

Cuvée B Rosé


B en Rosé comes from carefully matching soils and grape varieties in each parcel to give this beautifully refined and elegant rosé its unique expression. This wine offers subtle notes of citrus and spices with a rich yet eminently fresh finish.

Cuvée B Red

Le Rouge

A blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon in proportions that vary by vintage, B en Rouge is made from estate grapes ripened to perfection, a guarantee of superb complexity and elegance. It is aged for nine months in barrel to develop even greater harmony.

La Petite Causerie

Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence bio

For its second wine, Chateau Bonisson puts the accent on the fruit of the vine which in Provence was traditionally shared in the shade of the pergola. But why call it “La Petite Causerie”? Well, the French word bonnir meaning ‘to chat’, which was at the origin of the estate’s name, inspired the name “Causerie” meaning a ‘natter’.

This easy-going, convivial wine, for sharing amongst friends, is available in white, rosé and red.

La petite Causerie White


A blend of Vermentino and Sauvignon in proportions that vary by vintage, La Petite Causerie White is full of delicate notes of citrus and pineapple underpinned by an agreeable freshness.

La petite Causerie Rosé

Le Rosé

La Petite Causerie Rosé is fragrant with delicate aromas of peach and lychee with a deliciously refreshing palate.

La petite Causerie Red

Le Rouge

Blended from Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon in proportions that vary by vintage, La Petite Causerie Red is a fresh, well-balanced wine with notes of black fruit and spices.